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About MindBodySpace Benalla

Mind Body Space Benalla is a Yoga and Meditation Studio based in the North East of Victoria.

Our yoga studio is located in the heart of our small country town, we invite everyone to experience the simplicity and health benefits of a regular yoga practice, here in Benalla.

The yoga studio accommodates a variety of classes, catering for everyone.

Kids yoga, beginner yoga, hatha, vinyasa, meditation and YIN.


" When I moved home to Benalla from Melbourne my aim was to provide a space to share yoga. I set class times and if someone turned up, brilliant, I shared a class - otherwise I would use the time for my own practice. My goal was to simply provide a yoga space and some props to share what I had learnt. The practice of yoga was too good to keep to myself. 

I began teaching yoga in Benalla August 2015." - Kelly Mort.


This is a

Kara Wheatley

 Yoga Teacher, Melbourne based. Kara offers occasional weekend classes & workshops from our Mind Body Space Studio.

"I was reluctantly dragged into my first yoga class in 2010.  Coming from a running, weights, kick boxing and anxious background, the thought of stillness terrified me. But I quickly realized that “yoga” wasn’t just stillness. There was strong movement – a type of movement that gave me something to really focus on. I was instantly drawn to the challenge of both strength and flexibility. It wasn’t long until I shocked my family and friends by moving to NYC in 2012 to start the epic journey of my Teacher Training.

I spent 6 month in New York City where I completed Level one and two with Baron Baptiste and a further 200 hours with Laughing Lotus. Since then completing Level three and Art Of Assisting with Baptiste Yoga, Yin training with Powerliving and Advanced Asana Training with Cassie Lee. Now currently training my 500 hours with Tiffany Cruikshank and Yoga Medicine.

I now work full time as a Yoga Teacher in Melbourne teaching between studios, corporate yoga and ‘Yoga for Athletes’.

My classes are educational, dynamic and FUN!"

We love having Kara share her yoga experience with us at the studio, Benalla is very lucky to receive the classes from such a senior yoga instructor.

Our Teachers

Kelly Mort

Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner

Hatha Flow & YINt


Kelly completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Byron Yoga, November 2014.

She furthered her training by adding a 50 hour YIN Teacher Training earlier this year (2019)

Her love for yoga crosses perfectly with her passion for riding and training in equestrian. 

Kelly moved back to Benalla in 2015 and began sharing yoga with the Benalla community. The growth over this time has lead to the creation of Mind Body Space Benalla & Wangaratta, Yoga and Meditation Studio.

Linda Hocking

 Restorative Yoga. Meditation. Chair Yoga


Linda completed her Chair Yoga Training with LV Chair Yoga Australia and Meditation Training with Inner Voyage in 2014.

Linda is a local to Benalla and she is enjoying sharing her meditation and chair yoga around her Wangaratta work commitments.

Linda's has also introduced Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra in 2019 with a 70 hour training with Spirit of Yoga. Linda's goal is to help the minds and bodies of the Benalla community to connect through movement, breath and meditation. Linda looks forward to sharing her practice, as its played such a vital role in her own health to date.

Kim Lukey

Yoga Teacher

Slow Flow & Kids Yoga


Kim completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Yoga Flame early 2018.

Kim teaches a slow flow class Friday and Sunday and teaches Kids yoga twice a week. Her classes are Vinyasa inspired and she has a beautiful way of adapting her classes for all those that attend. She's a passionate yogi who is relatively new to Benalla, she came along at a perfect time to grow the studio and contribute her style of practice.

Gemma Lovell

Kids Yoga 

Gemma moved to Benalla in 2018 and loves providing the young people of Benalla opportunities to develop their social, emotional, and physical well-being through the fun of Kids Yoga.

She is an experienced Early Years educator in Benalla, and in 2017 completed her Kids Yoga training with Rainbow Kids Yoga in Abbotsford, Melbourne. Gemma is passionate about building self-esteem, confidence and creativity in little people so they have the courage to be themselves and to shine brightly in this world!

Kirri Brightmore

 Yoga Teacher

Hatha & Vinyasa


Kirri completed her Teacher Training this year (2020) between covid lockdowns, luckily she was able to make it to the Byron Yoga Centre for this experience in person and not via zoom!

Kirri is Hatha trained with a great understanding of alignment and traditional postures, however her practice will evolve and i'm sure she will lead a dynamic and fun practice for those more experienced attendees as time goes by, leading to a Hatha Flow style of class. Kirri has a wonderful bubbly nature, we cannot wait to see her teaching evolve and grow.



Our Addresses:

122 Bridge Street

Benalla Vic 3672

Top floor.

Rear, 110 Murphy Street

Wangaratta Vic 3677

Top Floor



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